Young Scientist Award

The MSB 2019 Young Scientist Award is intended to give talented young scientists extra encouragement. It will be presented to a young researcher whose outstanding work sets an example for other scientists. All presenters of an oral contribution who are less than 35 years of age at the time of their lecture are eligible for consideration. An international jury of both young and mature scientists will judge the qualified presentations and choose a winner.

Criteria are:

  • Significant and original contribution to basic and/or applied research in microscale separations or bioanalysis;
  • Clarity of presentation, structure of content and smoothness of flow;
  • Adequacy and persuasiveness of presenting;
  • Responsiveness to audience questions and ability to discuss presented work.

The prize consists of a certificate and a cash amount (TBA).

Best Poster Award

All posters presented at MSB 2019 will be considered for an MSB 2019 Poster Award.

The posters will be reviewed by an international panel of scientists and ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Novelty and originality of the work, creativity and potential for innovation;
  • Scope of work, technical quality of experimental design, and execution of experiments;
  • Readability of the presentation and author’s explanations.

Posters will be up and presented at specific times assigned in the program. Instructions for poster presentations can be found here.

Poster awards comprise cash prizes for the 4 best posters. Runners-up 5-10 will receive book vouchers.

Poster award winners will be introduces and prizes awarded at the Closing Ceremony on Thursday. All nominees will receive a certificate to acknowledge their achievement.