Tom Fenske Photography

I have always enjoyed wilderness adventures, the more remote the better. Once I started carrying a camera with me, I realized I was a landscape photographer. Now any subject is fair game. I particularly enjoy the challenge of capturing a scene in just the right way to inspire an emotional reaction – surprise, laughter, awe. My best images often require sacrifice. This can mean carrying a heavy pack long distances over rugged terrain at high elevations or standing waist-deep in Pacific Ocean surf on a cold January evening. I’ve crawled through mud, been bitten by snakes, and embraced temperatures from minus 30 to 118℉ just to get a picture – and I still can’t get enough of it. There’s always another image around the next bend that keeps me going. Enjoy the journey!
– Tom

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Mark Hoffman Photography

I am a self-taught photographer who started by capturing images of my young daughter and over time have successfully convinced my wife that I needed better and better photography gear to get good soccer and theater pictures. After a few years, I was given a couple key opportunities to photograph college and professional sporting events and continue that work today. Within the last year, I figured out how to combine my love of sport photography and my lifelong passion for bird watching In all my photography, the greatest reward is evoking emotion, especially a happiness, in those who see my work.
– Mark

Work by Mark Hoffman

Jodi B. Herrling Phography

I’m a contemporary portrait photographer who considers herself a creator, a little bit of a rebel and an artist. I have a passion for photographing individuality, personality and beauty. My love for photography developed at a very young age when my dad gave me my very first camera. I took pictures of everything! When I became a parent, I enjoyed capturing my children as they grew. Over time, I decided to start offering photography services at my established marketing business. I now offer creative and professional photography for ALL. I love the feeling of being able to participate in the lives of my clients, by capturing the magic and the moments that will last a lifetime.
– Jodi

Work by Jodi B. Herrling