Session Topics


Session Title Keynote Speaker Session Chair
Advanced –Omics Approaches: Extracting More Information Using Less (Sample, Time,…) Peter Nemes, University of Maryland Rawi Ramautar, Leiden University
Analysis of Pharmaceuticals & Chiral Compounds M. Farooq Wahab, University of Texas at Arlington Apryll Stalcup, Dublin City University
Novel Detection Methods for Microseparations Igor Lednev, University at Albany – SUNY Amanda Haes, University of Iowa
Role of Sample Preparation in ChemBioAnalysis: Beating GIGO (Garbage in – Garbage out) Delphi Chatterjee, Colorado State University Marc Porter, University of Utah
Preclinical and Clinical Bioanalysis Russell Grant, VP R&D, Lab Corp of America Kevin Schug, University of Texas Arlington
Advances in Instrumentation, Design, and Applications of Biosensors Adam T. Wooley, Brigham Young University José Alberto Fracassi da Silva, Universidade Estaduel de Campinas
Microscale Systems for Human and Environmental Health Measurements Frédérique Deiss, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Charles Henry, Colorado State University
Dielectrophoresis and Cell Sorting Lisa Flanagan, University of California Irvine Mark Hayes, Arizona State University
Developments and Applications in Electrokinetic Separations Hervé Cottet, Université de Montpellier Christopher Palmer, University of Montana
Innovations in Microseparations: Unique Mechanisms of Transport and Fluid Control Linda McGown, Rensselaer Institute of Technology Lisa Holland, West Virginia University
Microscale Separations in Analysis of Intact Proteins and Protein Complexes Michael Ramsey, University of North Carolina at Capel Hill Alexander Ivanov, Northeastern University
Microfluidic Systems Innovations Elain Fu, Oregon State University Chemical Engineering Vince Remcho, Oregon State University
Biopharmaceutical and Biomolecule Analysis Govert Somsen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Myriam Taverna, Université Paris Sud
Novel Applications in Forensic Sciences Michael Breadmore, University of Tasmania Isabelle Kohler, Leiden University
Bioanalytical Devices for Precision Health Applications Barry Lutz, University of Washington Bioengineering Elaine Fu, Oregon State University
Electrochemical Microanalytical Devices Kwanwoo Shin, Sogang University, Korea Nadnudda Rodthongkum, Chulalongkorn University, Bankok
Multidimensional Separations Emily Hilder, University of Tasmania Michael Breadmore, University of Tasmania
CE-MS: Advances and Applications David Chen, University of British Colombia Karen Waldron, University of Montreal